Our 6 tips to follow to organize your kitchen well

Our 6 tips to follow to organize your kitchen well


At the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time . This is why, if you want to build your kitchen from A to Z or simply renovate it, it is essential to adopt an organization that is both practical, but also pleasant and functional.

Whatever its configuration and size, planning your kitchen well can quickly become complex and require thought. From the choice of materials and type of suitable layout, through respecting the activity triangle , there are many criteria to take into account before starting.

Need help ? Kozikaza gives you its 6 key tips to succeed and think carefully about the layout of your new kitchen!

1. Establish your budget and your needs.

First and foremost, it is important to identify your needs and the daily use of the room in order to properly plan its layout. A student will not have the same equipment needs as a family like at MeliMango , you must take your situation into account when designing your room.

modern black and wood kitchen with island
If you have a small space, you will not be able to set it up in the same way as a large kitchen.

Once your needs are clear and you’ve budgeted , it’s time to think about what type of cuisine you want. As a kit or tailor-made? Rather equipped kitchen or integrated kitchen? Of course, the necessary budget will not be the same.

Indeed, the range of a kitchen installation is wide since you can find kitchens ranging from 5,000 € when they are in kit up to 20,000 € when they are made-to-measure . As you will have understood, the budgeting stage is essential before starting to create your kitchen.

2. Define your ideal arrangement, to each their own kitchen!

The key to having a functional kitchen is to arrange the space without trying to modify it . To adopt the ideal type of interior design, you must identify the available surface. This will allow you to choose the most suitable layout for your room. To help you, here are some possible locations:

Advantages : It is also called the linear kitchen. It is easily convertible, as shown in this inspiring photograph found on Pinterest , you have everything at your fingertips.

This is the ideal arrangement when you have a kitchen open to the living room, also called “American kitchen”! The linear arrangement also adapts to a small kitchen where there is little space.

Black white and wood L-shaped kitchen

Advantages : When you have a medium or large surface, like Bendesign , this type of composition is the easiest. If you want to have a large worktop, you should opt for the L-shaped kitchen or “corner kitchen”.

Large open U-shaped kitchen

Pros : It allows you to get a much more clustered activity triangle. Add to that the possibility of arranging the angles and installing a central island: enough to increase your number of work surfaces! A kitchen with an island such as at taciamel is the pinnacle of modernity combined with conviviality.

Advantages : You double your available surface area facing a linear layout as in this kitchen spotted on Pinterest .

3. Arrange your kitchen according to the activity triangle

For an optimized kitchen that is easy to use on a daily basis, it is important to take into account the activity triangle.

The activity triangle, késako? It is an organization of your space which aims to reduce as much as possible distances and unnecessary movements (and which therefore improves ergonomics) between three important areas of the kitchen:

The goal is that nothing gets in the way of your movement between these three essential spaces, as the kitchen of Virginie_homes perfectly illustrates .

Whether for a designer kitchen, or a traditional kitchen, the activity triangle is a matter of layout and not decoration . It is therefore a good practice accessible to all.

4. The path of the clean and the dirty

How about housework? Yes, because everyone is happy to have a beautiful kitchen, but the best thing is to be able to maintain it easily .

modern open kitchen with island

Our advice is to start from the sink to position the first pieces of furniture . Indeed, it is often the element whose place will seem the most obvious to you because it will be located near the water inlets and outlets. Then place the elements low and combine the sink, dishwasher and trash can for more convenience and to move around more easily.

5. Draw the plan of your kitchen in 3D

Once you’ve decided on the type of cuisine you want, your budget, and your business triangle, it’s time to get down to the plans . A 3D plan will allow you to immerse yourself in the room and easily realize the best configuration to adopt for your kitchen .

HD rendering of a Scandinavian kitchen

You can model all types of rooms: in I, L or U . Being able to integrate elements such as a central island, kitchen furniture, or even a worktop for preparing meals is a real plus

6. A well-lit kitchen

A functional lighting is essential for comfortable and pleasant kitchen. The objective is to best illuminate the technical stations of the room where the main activities are concentrated.

Put the light on the worktop, the sink or the hob with recessed light spots (or not) as in the kitchen of My.interior . Are you more of a ceiling or suspended luminaire? It’s up to you !