Making your house prettier in less than 10 minutes is possible!

Making your house prettier in less than 10 minutes is possible!


Even when you don’t have time to decorate, you can improve your interior.

Making your house prettier in less than 10 minutes is possible!

There are home decor magazines and then there is real life. When we compare the two, we tend to side with the unfortunate. Why is my house not so beautiful? Why couldn’t I find a style for my interior? Anyway, what do the others have at home that I don’t have? In fact, your home has everything you need to be pretty, you just need to know how to make it look better. And the good news is, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to convince you. Here is a proposal to convince you: follow the different steps detailed below in your living room. Take before / after photos, you will be surprised.


First we declutter . Because there is life, passages and obligations, the living room fills up very quickly and it accumulates objects that are often unnecessary. This infernal spiral of clutter must be broken regularly to find a little freedom in your living room. Take the example of a library: by ridding it of books that are not important to you, you ventilate its shelves, thus creating lighter areas. A cluttered room visually sends too much information. We can then miss out on real beautiful objects, which nevertheless deserve to be highlighted.


Here is a step that may look like decluttering but rather relies on redistribution. Take the concrete case of a piece of furniture such as a sofa side table. In your living room, this table is only used occasionally but it nevertheless has a strong impact on the decoration of your living room. It occupies an important space and it is perhaps at the origin of a specific direction of circulation. On the other hand, you have a nightstand that you don’t really like. Why not replace your bedside table with your side table? By moving your furniture, you are reinventing a new space and highlighting furniture whose beauty you may have forgotten.

Add flowers and plants

What if the problem with your living room is that it is just lacking in life? To remedy this problem, the solution is very simple. It is enough to invest the space with green plants and flowers. Precisely you have just declutter and you therefore have new virgin areas to exploit. Obviously, it is not a question of putting things back together but of adding small touches of color which, in addition, bring freshness and good humor. Choose your plants according to their decorative quality but also their ease of maintenance and their ideal location. Bouquets of flowers are also small miracles to make a room more beautiful. Place a pretty bouquet of tulips on your coffee table and discover the immediate effect, it works every time!

Replace your cushion covers

If your sofa is looking gray, you may think replacing it is the best option. Before arriving at this definitive act, it is possible to extend its lifespan by investing in a few cushion covers. This object, which does not cost very much and which can be replaced very easily, allows you to transform the living room. Here again, we inject a few touches of color and that changes everything. Depending on your mood, you can choose message, graphic or exotic covers. A way to let go of the grounds without being afraid of getting bored.

The cushion, the inexpensive decoration idea!

There are so many things in our closets that deserve to be dusted off. Between the decorative candles, the additional lamps, the wedding tableware and the festive tablecloth , we sometimes have a real store in our drawers. And the worst ? These objects often end up being forgotten by dint of not being in front of our eyes. Taking out your beautiful dishes is to make an ordinary day an extraordinary day and it works just as well for the grandmother’s vase as for the old jewelry box. Don’t limit the use of table linens to special occasions either, you have to make every day a party.

Bring in the (beautiful) light

To beautify your interior, your rooms must give the impression of being flooded with sunlight. There are many ways to light up your home. The easiest way is to clean your windows. It sounds silly and yet clean windows let in better light from outside. Then eliminate all the curtains and curtains that are too dark as well as those that are not intended to protect you from the vis-à-vis. Finally, you can also use artificial light to beautify your interior. We multiply the lighting points with lamps which brings a more cozy atmosphere and we choose connected bulbs to always have the most flattering lights.

We do not neglect the suspensions, they bring character to a room.

To clean

Finally, we do the housework. A clean and tidy house is always prettier!

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