Investing in a recreational vehicle is great, and it comes in handy for all your camping needs, allowing you to enjoy road trips without worrying about where you will sleep. Essentially it is a home away from home, providing you with fun traveling experiences.

However, it is bulky and cumbersome, so storing it at home may not be possible. It may not fit in your garage, and you can’t risk leaving it in the driveway where it is exposed to vandalism, theft, and harmful weather elements. But an RV storage facility is a great alternative, and here is why.

Enhanced security

Storing your bulky RV in your driveway or backyard may seem like a more accessible option when you have limited garage space. But keeping it there leaves it open to the risk of vandalism and theft. RV storage units in Boise provide a safer option and many advantages. A reputable storage facility will be equipped with a video surveillance system, fire protection, and alarm systems to ensure all-around clock protection.

Free up space

Storing your RV in your garage might be safer and more convenient, but an RV is not a small vehicle. It is bulky and likely to take up all the garage space you can better utilize. It will leave you nowhere to store your car, bike, garden equipment, and other stuff you usually keep in your garage, not to mention how challenging it can be to find your way there. Therefore using an RV storage facility frees up the much-needed space in your garage and backyard.

Comply with your homeowner’s agreement

You cannot store your RV at home in some neighborhoods, making an RV storage facility your only option. If not, you risk violating your homeowners’ agreement, subjecting you to hefty fines and other issues. Besides, parking your RV on your driveway ruins your home’s curb appeal, so finding an alternative storage space makes sense.

Take advantage of other amenities.

Using an RV storage facility to store your RV allows you to benefit from other amenities these storage facilities offer. Some have vacuum stations where you can give your RV a clean wash before and after storage. Other amenities you are likely to benefit from include, onsite dump stations, water filling stations, electricity hookups, storage climate control, etc. That means using RV storage is worth it in the long run, regardless of the fees.

Enhance your RV’s lifespan

Like other vehicles, how well you take care of your RV determines how well it serves you and its span. Taking good care of your RV while in storage is vital to ensure it serves you well next summer. Exposure to excessive heat, rain, snow, and hail can damage its internal and external parts. An RV storage unit protects your RV from adverse weather and other environmental aspects that can affect your RV’s functioning. Others have pest control plans to keep insects and rodents away.

The bottom line

You cannot overlook the benefits of using RV storage- it protects your RV from damage, vandalism, theft, and extreme weather elements.

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