Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be complicated to do on your own, and your best chance is to hire a kitchen and bathroom contractor to complete the project to perfection. When doing your due diligence, think bout how companies hire new employees. They first collect multiple applications and then choose the best. That is the approach to hiring a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor. Here is a guide to help you through.

Gather a list of reputable contractors

Hiring a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company is not easy. First, compile a list of five to ten prospective contractors to make your comparisons. It is best to look for companies in your area because they know the local building codes. Here are some ways to identify kitchen and bathroom remodel companies.

  • Ask your family, neighbors, and friends for recommendations. Reputable contractors do several projects in their neighborhoods, and the word is likely to spread. If you know anyone who had such a project, ask them about their contractor.
  • Search for kitchen and remodel companies on google. Reputable ones are more likely to have an official website to showcase their services.

If the company doesn’t have a professional website or good recommendations, you should take them off your list.

Check the portfolio

An established and successful kitchen and bathroom remodel company displays its best projects on its website. Since their gallery showcases their best projects, it is an excellent way to gauge their experience. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor to take you to an ongoing project and see for yourself.

It is best not to be a contractor’s first project when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Review the company’s portfolio and if you don’t like what you see, continue looking further.

Ask for references

Any experienced kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor will expect you to ask for references, and they will be ready. It is a good sign when the contractor provides several previous clients that you can ask about their work. When you get the list, follow up on the clients and enquire about their experience working with the contractor.

If the reference tells you positive things, keep the contractor on your list and eliminate contractors with bad reviews. Also, the contractor’s openness to giving you a list of references is a good sign.

Ask for quotes

Ask for quotes from the prospective contractors on your list to find out about the project’s estimated cost. Ensure you compare quotes using the same quality of building materials. The cabinetry, stove, refrigerator, shower, tiles, and sinks should match your needs.

Pick the best

When choosing a contractor, avoid picking the lowest bid as that may mean the contractor uses cheap low quality materials. A quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling company will give you time to review their proposal and decide. Pick a bid that suits your family’s needs and budget.

The bottom line

Before choosing a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor, take your time to perform your due diligence.

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