What Are The Different Designs For Kitchen Vinyl Flooring?

What Are The Different Designs For Kitchen Vinyl Flooring?


Kitchens with Mosaic Vinyl Flooring

Mosaic-style vinyl flooring is a PVC kitchen tile that recreates artistic works of various shapes and colours based on ancient styles.

Not only is there adhesive mosaic vinyl flooring, but we can also find it in a click system or on a roll.

In addition, not only are there types of vinyl for floors, but there are also many designs of adhesive vinyl for walls, so you can also find them here and not only renew your old paving but also give a new look to the tiles in your kitchen.

This type of vinyl flooring has a lot of personalities!

And its mosaic style makes it unique and exclusive for people who want to give their kitchens a retro or vintage touch.

Now it is very fashionable to place paving that transports us to past times, and as we will see below, we can do it without work and in a few hours for a low price.

As we have seen in our online store, the prices of this type of mosaic effect vinyl flooring are usually low and varied, and we can find rolls from €5/m² to adhesive or click slats or tiles reach €60/m².

We can choose the type of vinyl sintasol we want depending on our economic possibilities and change the kitchen floor even for less than €100. of course! It also depends on the size of the room.

Designs and Brands of Mosaic Vinyl Floor for Kitchen.

The variety of styles of mosaic-style plastic cladding is so great that we can find a wide range of designs for all tastes.

Depending on the shapes or colours that we like, we can discover mosaic vinyl floors:

  • ARAB

Kitchen with Imitation Marble Vinyl Floor 

Are you looking for a stone imitation PVC floor?

You can find ceramic-style designs of good quality and very realistic. Pay attention to the different models you can buy: 

Why buy an imitation stone PVC floor?

Vinyl flooring has many advantages when we install it in our kitchens, but here we are going to list 2:

  • To begin with, we can say that it is much cheaper than a ceramic, marble or slate coating. We will not be able to change the floor of our kitchen at all with the prices that we find for vinyl floors.
  • Another advantage is that we do not have to work or generate dust; everything can be placed without noise. We already know this flooring roll can be adhered to the previous floor after levelling it and using a good primer.

If we use self-adhesive slats or tiles, we will also stick them on our old floor, ensuring we have also levelled them to avoid imperfections being seen in the future.

Benefits of the Ceramic Imitation Vinyl Floor

After listing the advantages it has, the vinyl floor for the kitchen brings us excellent benefits; among them, we highlight

  • It acts as a thermal insulator as it is made of PVC, a material that prevents heat loss and helps maintain a stable and pleasant temperature in our kitchen.
  • Footstep cushioning. The plastic paving is softer than a ceramic or stone one, and therefore, the tread will be more peaceful and more pleasant for our feet.
  • Hygienic stuff. These vinyl coverings prevent bacteria and mites from accumulating in areas as necessary as the kitchen, thus helping to maintain a healthy environment.

Types of Vinyl Floor Imitation Stone for Interior

As in the rest of the vinyl floor models for the kitchen (or any interior room), we can find three differentiated types:

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring in marble

We can purchase this type of PVC laminated flooring that imitates marble in sheets or adhesive tiles placed glued on the previous pavement or paving. Here we highlight self-adhesive vinyl flooring from brands such as Tarkett (Leroy Merlin), Bricomart, Ikea and Bauhaus, among others.

Vinyl Floor Covering Click marble

Another widely used type of vinyl flooring for kitchens is the click system, whose stone-finish tiles have incorporated “parquet-style” grooves that link together and, therefore, their installation is very similar to that of wood laminate flooring. 

Marble Adhesive Vinyl Roll

In addition to being installed on the floor (as long as it is thick enough), this roll of marble effect vinyl is also suitable for placing on furniture or countertops to renew them and give them a new stone-style touch, not only in a marble effect. But also in imitations such as ceramic, granite or slate. You can find vinyl rolls on Amazon, Ikea and Leroy Merlin as the most prominent.