Top 3 Tips to Select Sofa Cushions

Top 3 Tips to Select Sofa Cushions


Finding the right sofa cushions can be challenging if you are looking to style your house yet want cushion pieces that offer comfort. You require the perfect size, shape, colour, and comfort as you go for decorating your furniture. Having the right kind of cushions can add colour and texture and elevate the ambience of the room.

Before you go cushion shopping, consider the overall look you want to achieve for the room. If you are looking for a minimal, classic, urban, or modern look? You must go for a comfortable, fashionable, and coordinated look for your space with the right kind of sofa cushion. Before you change your soft furnishings, here are some tips for choosing the right kind of sofa cushions so that you can brighten up your space from time to time.

Use The Right Colour Palate

Choosing the right colour palette enhances the overall look of the space. Check out the existing colours f the space. Choose the cushion colours you want to highlight. You can get colour ideas from wall paint, furniture, drapes, or any other accessories in the room. Choose colours that complement the existing pieces so that it highlights the cushions on your sofa.

Focus On Size and Shape

Using the same size of cushions can make the space look dull. You may opt for cushions in varied sizes and shapes; use a large rectangular shape cushion for comfort and add a few smaller cushions around that for a creative look. You may also choose different yet coordinated shades so that you may create a gradient look of the space and make it interesting.

Pattern and Texture

Adding the right pattern and texture to your sofa cushions will help you create a cohesive look. Your cushion arrangement will look flat and lack depth if the pattern and texture are not in sync with the couch’s colour. Consider the texture of the couch while choosing cushions. If you want to highlight the look of the space, avoid using the same fabric colour or pattern for the cushions.

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