How to Upgrade and Renovate Your Basement

How to Upgrade and Renovate Your Basement


Basements are complicated spaces to renovate. Chilly, cluttered, and dark basements usually convince many homeowners to divert their attention to other projects in the house. However, your basement doesn’t have to stay this way.

With the help of renovation experts, like Reno Duck, you can upgrade and renovate it so that it can integrate with the other rooms in the house and become a valuable and beautiful asset to your property.

The basic steps to renovate your basement include adding a ceiling, choosing the right flooring, and insulating walls. But to make the most out of the renovation project, you might want to consider the following tips:

1.      Make a Hobby or Craft Studio

Setting up a hobby or craft studio in the basement will give you space to do what you love the most. This can be more important, especially if you have an activity or hobby, which needs extra storage and space, such as sculpting, woodworking, sewing, and painting.

If you also have family members with different hobbies and interests, you may section off your basement to have more dedicated spaces for:

  • Pottery
  • Sewing
  • Keeping toys
  • Woodworking

2.      Deal with the Moisture

Installing a dehumidifier will create issues by drawing the water through the foundation walls. In order to prevent the moisture from reaching your basement, ensure proper drainage off the roof and away from the foundation while providing proper ventilation to your kitchen and bathroom.

Along with proper breathable insulation, you should install a vapor retardant between the floors and interior stud walls or between floor slabs and foundation walls.

3.      Determine How You Wish to Use the Basement

Before renovating your basement, you might want to determine you will to use the space. Your main dream can help determine everything, from getting the right paint to choosing the best flooring.

If you are looking to change it into a bathroom, you might want to create an open design. Whether you wish to turn the entire space into a finished basement or add another room, hiring a contractor to offer you the best bathroom renovation Toronto services will make a great difference.

4.      Improve the Ventilation

To avoid toxic mold, you must keep the humidity of the living space below 60%. Achieving this goal needs ventilation, insulation, and proper waterproofing.

Depending on natural airflow from the windows, it is possible to achieve this. But it’s subjected to the seasons and weather. Extending the HVAC system in your home can help to ventilate the basement properly.

5.      Gather Materials and Tools

Materials and tools normally account for an important part of your budget, especially when renovating a basement.

What you require depends on what you want to achieve. If you are dealing with an unfinished basement, some of the materials you will require are:

  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Insulation

The Bottom Line!

Most individuals embark on basement renovation or home improvement projects to increase the value of their properties.

Although many experts agree this is true, especially for well-done bathroom and kitchen renovation, upgrading and renovating your basement is not given a priority.

But for those who know the benefits of basement renovation will take the project seriously and even hire a professional contractor to handle the task.

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