5 Types Of Mattresses From Reputable Mattress Store For A Good Night’s Sleep

5 Types Of Mattresses From Reputable Mattress Store For A Good Night’s Sleep


When you visit your favorite mattress store, you will find different mattresses. The best mattresses for your home and family are those that are just right. Choosing the correct type of mattresses available in the market will depend on what you want, your budget, and your specific sleeping needs.

Below are common types of mattresses for home use and their features.

1.   Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are consist of natural products and create healthy sleeping support for your body, and you can find them from a reputable mattress store. Latex mattresses are entirely natural latex, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic, meaning they are allergens resistant. They have outstanding durability, bounce, and comfort. The Latex Mattress comes in one single piece with no joints or joins.

Latex Mattress deals with many common complaints people have when sleeping on mattresses, including back pain, lower limbs, and joint pain. The mattress is naturally dust-mite resistant, and hence you do not need to put a mattress cover to prevent allergies. It’s one of the most hygienic mattresses. You can contact queenswaymattress.com to purchase any size of quality latex mattresses at an affordable price.

2.   Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is a common type of mattress. With its plush quilted cover, homey texture, and luxurious comfort, this bedding makes an excellent addition to any home. Memory foam mattress adapts to your body shape and weight. They also provide extraordinary comfort and relieve pressure points.

It is the most comfortable mattresses. Memory foam mattress also relieves aches and pains and works great for side sleepers. Something else that makes this type of mattress great is its ability to offer excellent air circulation throughout the entire mattress.

3.   Coil Spring Mattress

Coil spring mattress consists of hundreds of individual springs that interlink. A coil spring mattress provides comfort and support to your body. In addition, these mattresses are available in both single and double-size options. The mattress is durable, with long-lasting coil springs.

The springs are housed in fabric and stacked one on top of the other. The design creates a feeling of support and contour to your body which helps keep you in correct alignment when lying down and helps you get more restful sleep. Coil spring mattresses are more helpful to those who tend to sleep hot and also for those who want a softer feel to their mattress. Contact mattress store Toronto for quality spring coil mattresses.

4.   Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

Adjustable air bed mattresses are so comfortable that you will never want to get off them. Make your home feel like a luxurious spa every night. With the air bed mattress, you can adjust the level of firmness with the built-in air pump according to individual needs.

Air mattresses are great for vacations, camping, and other temporary uses. Manufacturers generally make them from vinyl or PVC. They are flexible and lightweight, but that flexibility may not be ideal for every sleeper. Inflatable mattresses feature an internal structure that makes them much more comfortable than traditional air mattresses, and they are a good choice for side sleepers. Some models include an outer fabric layer as well.

5.   Futon Mattress

A futon is a Japanese sleep mattress containing flexible and robust materials such as foam and cotton, though some are entirely foam. They also include a secondary spring unit to which provides support. You can find futon mattresses from a reputable mattress store.

As a bonus to buying these types of mattresses, they save you on space because they don’t have legs, and you can place them directly on your floor. You’ll have more room to walk around the room without tripping or ruining the actual mattress because of this reason. You can also place them anywhere in the house since they occupy less space.


Most of the mattresses available in the market mainly focus on sleeping quality and comfort. In that sense, getting a mattress that suits your needs is essential. If you are interested in a new mattress and want to find out which type of mattress is better for you, you can visit our site mattress store Toronto.