How to Appraise Your Moving Company Before Signing a Contract

How to Appraise Your Moving Company Before Signing a Contract


Even with the numerous moving companies in the market, getting a reliable one is not as easy as you might think. You need to research and evaluate different things to ensure the movers you hire will reduce the stress of moving instead of adding them. A Meyer Moving can be a good experience, and you may settle in your new place as soon as possible. However, before you sign the contract, it is crucial to know the essential things to look for. Here is how to assess a moving company to ensure you get a reliable one.

  • Check Their Licensing and Insurance

When evaluating the prospective company, confirm if it has a license and provides insurance. Under no situation should you ever hire a company that does not have a permit. It puts you at risk of working with unprofessional people and places your belongings at risk. Therefore, ensure the company is licensed and allowed to help people move around the state or across borders.

It is also crucial to ensure the firm has insurance. The last thing you want is to lose your items from theft or deal with the liability of damaged items. The company should cover your items to ensure they will cater for the damages or loss of your belongings. Furthermore, companies that offer insurance are cautious in their work to prevent liability issues. So, when you hire a licensed and insured company, you have chosen your safety and that of your items.

  • Ask for a Moving Estimate

One thing you must do is to collect several estimates from different firms. If you land a good estimate, check the terms and their contents. You ought to choose a reasonable estimate without putting price as the major factor. All in all, estimates should be close to each other unless some services are excluded. If a company gives you a much lower estimate, they could be hiding something, or you might have to pay extra later. So, check how the company charges and whether the estimate is binding or non-binding. Some companies will give you a low estimate to entice you to hire them. This is a scam that some dishonest movers use, and you must never fall for it. State clearly what you need to be done and ensure it is listed in the estimate before signing.

  • Go for Reputation

Even if a company has a license and insurance, that does not mean it has a good reputation. Moving companies build their reputation with how they treat their customers. Therefore, go to the company’s website and read reviews. Ask the company to give you references from their past clients. Such people can tell you if the company is worth it or not. It can also be a good idea to visit their offices to see how they operate. Look at the fleet of trucks and how it is maintained. You can also speak to various people to know how they handle their customers. Please pay attention to their communication and how they answer your questions.

To Wrap It Up!

These are critical things you must consider when appraising a moving company. Make sure it is licensed and has insurance to keep you safe. You should also check the estimates and the terms to know if it is reasonable. Most importantly, go for a well-recognized mover with great customer service.