Creative Ways You Can Use Personalised Birthday Decorations Year After Year

Creative Ways You Can Use Personalised Birthday Decorations Year After Year


How many times have you thrown a birthday party for your child and it’s felt like the same old, same old? If you’re ready to liven things up and surprise them with something they won’t be expecting, you need personalised birthday decorations. These decorations will make the event feel new again and give everyone attending a chance to show off their artistic side. Your child will love the fact that everyone has put so much time and effort into making this birthday special in ways that go beyond presents. And what parent wouldn’t be grateful for an event that costs less than throwing another costly party next year? Here are some creative ideas for using personalised birthday decorations year after year.

Use Your Child’s Artwork

If your child is anything like us, early childhood was filled with finger painting and crayon scrawling. While these works of art may not have been my best creations, they were so special to the family around us. Remember that time your toddler had a finger-painting birthday party and people asked you to frame the creations? Or the time they came home with a new piece of art? Now is the time to dig out those masterpieces. Select one painting for each wall in the party area, like the dining room or living room. Try to find ways to frame the artwork so that it looks intentional, not haphazard. If your child’s work is large enough, you can string multiple pieces together and hang them as one piece.

You could even choose to turn their artwork into bunting, or party hats.

Create a Photo Runway

If your child is into playing dress-up or loves to pretend they’re in a scene from their favourite show or book, you might want to consider setting up a photo walk. Select a few favourite costumes and ask your child’s friends to come dressed in something they love as well. Once everyone is in costume, set up a mini runway where your child and their guests can strut their stuff. While you’re taking photos, ask each child to do a dramatic pose or say a line from their favourite character. You can print out a few photos or save the images to your phone to use as party decorations next time.

Turn Food Into Decorations

If your child’s birthday falls in the spring or summer, why not decorate your party area with edible bouquets made from fruit? This is a great idea for kids who are too young to write or draw. Collect fresh leaves, flowers, and garden vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. If your child prefers a different type of food decoration, try making cupcake bouquets, cake pops, or lollipop bouquets. Don’t forget a personalised party topper for the finishing touch.

Make Party Favours Out of Decorations

You can easily create homemade party favours that double as decorations. Use the supplies you already have on hand to create customised decorations that match your child’s birthday theme. If you want to make themed decorations, you can use just about anything as an inspiration, perhaps your child’s favourite character or colour. Alternatively, you can also use a birthday number as a theme.

Incorporate Your Child’s Favourite Things

If your child has a favourite hobby or anything they are really into at the moment, try to incorporate it into the party decorations. If your child loves baking, try baking themed cookies or cakes. If they love building, try decorating with Lego or creating a themed structure with building blocks. If your child is into music, try making a playlist for the event and decorating your party area with speakers.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a way to shake things up and make your child’s birthday party feel brand new, personalised decorations from Printed Little Things are a great place to start. These decorations are easy to make and allow everyone attending the party to get creative. You and your child can collaborate on many of these items, making them truly special. There are many ways to use personalised birthday decorations, and these are just a few ideas to get you started. No matter what theme you choose, these decorations will keep the party feeling new and exciting.