5 Steps to Take When Moving To a New Place

5 Steps to Take When Moving To a New Place


When moving to a new home, there are various things you should consider. You need to know your new house, the new place, and your neighbors. Instead of waiting to figure it out when you get there, it is advisable to get everything straight. Preparing for your new place is crucial since it guarantees a smooth relocation and settling. In that case, the following are five steps you should take when moving to the new location.

  • Hire a Moving Company

The moving company you hire can make a difference between a stress-free and hectic move. Don’t think that you should find one later after you are done packing. You should get a moving company like Molloy Bros. Moving the moment you know you will be moving. Doing it in advance will give you time to research for the best, get estimates, compare them, and visit the companies. When booking a mover, always check their credibility and reputation. Remember also to check reviews and ask for a license and insurance. It is also advisable to look at their services and how they communicate with their clients.

  • Declutter Your Stuff

Another crucial step when moving is decluttering. Removing excess items gives you a chance to start over with new things. Therefore, don’t take the old items you no longer need to the new place. You will only be accumulating clutter in the house. Therefore, before you start packing, start sorting out your items. You can sort them out into four categories-keep, sell, donate, and throw. For example, if you think buying new furniture in your new place is cheaper than transporting your old one, you can consider selling it. A yard sale can help get the extra money you can use during relocation.

  • Pack Smart

Once you declutter and you are left with the things you need, create an inventory. List the things you have and what you need to pack them. A moving checklist will be helpful so that you don’t leave important things behind. When packing, pay attention to detail. You first need to get boxes based on what you are packing. If you have fragile items like dishware or glassware, ensure you have bubble wraps for extra cushion. Make sure you keep boxes for every room and label them correctly. If you can’t use a marking pen, color codes will do to differentiate the boxes according to rooms. Ensure you also label fragile items correctly and in which direction to hold them.

  • Know Your Neighbors

When you relocate to your new place, you want to know the people living around you. Therefore, before you move, visit the place to see your neighbors. You can wave when passing your house as a new gesture. You don’t have to go knocking on their doors to introduce yourself.

  • Set Up Utilities

You also need to ensure the utilities are cut off in the old place and set up in the new one. Therefore, before moving day, call the utility company to terminate the service in your old home. You should also contact the company in the new place to ensure utilities are ready. You need water, gas, electricity, internet, a phone, and whatever else you need.


Moving to a new place doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the five steps discussed here to make it smooth and reduce the possibility of anything going wrong.
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