Why Switch from a Stone Garage Floor?

Why Switch from a Stone Garage Floor?


When we picture a traditional garage, more often than not, we picture it with a natural stone floor. However, the world around us is always changing and developing for the better. Gone are the days when natural stone floors were one of the only good flooring options. Nowadays, people are increasingly opting for other alternatives that are more durable and easy to maintain.

Why are People Ditching Natural Stone Floors?

Before we get into the garage flooring options available in the market, let us talk about the main reasons that have prompted people to switch from stone garage floors. Some of the main ones are:

  • Insufficient Quality: A natural stone floor is essentially made using epoxy to bind together small rocks, pebbles, and minerals. Since the variety of rocks used in the process is a wide one, the quality of the floor varies from casetocase depending upon the nature of the rocks used. If an installer has used cheap, non-durable materials (something you may not be able to tell as an amateur) the chances of your floor not serving a long, useful life are high.
  • Not Necessarily Cheap: The biggest attraction of natural stone floors is their expected inexpensiveness. However, these floors, contrary to popular belief, are not always cheap. From installation to finish, there are a number of small costs that bolster the overall price of these floors.
  • Material Durability: The epoxy used to bind the elements of a stone garage floor together reacts differently with each unique type of mineral. That, combined with how the minerals react to UV rays and other environmental factors, determines the lifespan and durability of a floor. Unfortunately, natural stone floors are more likely to take a serious toll from these factors and thus break down easily. This necessitates frequent repairs and maintenance, which further adds to the costs.

What are The Other Options?

If you have made up your mind to switch from a stone garage floor, you can schedule a natural stone removal service with a reputable contractor near you. A popular option, which you can opt for over the natural stone floor, is a polyaspartic floor. These are a popular choice for garage floors and are known for having superior strength and durability. Additionally, these floors are also resistant to UV damage, chemicals, and acid exposure, as well as stains, spills, and other damage.