Why pet friendly properties matter in battersea

Why pet friendly properties matter in battersea


Moving out of the buzzing streets of London has been the latest trend among the citizens. Most of them now prefer quiet neighbourhoods, and people are seen contacting letting agents in Battersea to get the best deals on homes. When sifting from one place to another, the majority of the residents own pets and also look out for properties that allow pets on the premises. Apart from the monetary perks one can gain from owning a pet-friendly property at Battersea, several emotional and mental benefits are linked to it.


If your rental property is pet-friendly, pet owners will stay there longer because it is hard to find apartments that allow pets. Additionally, some animals, like dogs, get fond of their surroundings and come to regard the apartment as their home. Due to this, nobody will want to move into a new house, not even the owners. Tenant residence transfers are also frequently caused by troubled landlord-tenant relationships. You may have more wholesome relationships, and your tenants are less likely to wish to move since they choose properties to rent in Battersea that are pet-friendly. This shows you are confident in their level of responsibility.


Making your apartments pet-friendly can increase the number of tenants you can lure, given that more than 70% of renters own dogs. As a result, there will be fewer periods when the tenants are vacant because they won’t want to move, which will allow you to maintain consistent rental revenue all year long. It is a well-known fact that millennials prefer pets to kids. A large share of current consumers belong to this group, and the majority of landlords want them as tenants. Additionally, businesses are using this strategy as well, so there may now be more pet-friendly workplaces in the business sector than before.


Less housing options equal higher rent for the few that are available, just like in the law of demand. Obviously, it will cost more to install the amenities required to make your apartment pet-friendly, but you may make up the difference by raising the rent a little bit. Owners of rental properties may also impose non-refundable pet fees, which tenants are prepared to pay since they want to keep their families together. Once more, they can demand payment for pet damages or ask for a damage deposit to assure that the property is protected in case of damage. Additionally, your property is not a significant concern for you. 


If your policy prohibits dogs, it’s simple for tenants to try to sneak them into an apartment in the hopes that they won’t be discovered. Of course, even if you haven’t learned yet, this makes things stressful. You can check on the animals’ well-being and ensure they have received the required immunisations. Additionally, you could take charge and offer some services, like spraying before entry. However, if you accept pets and lay out a clear policy, you’ll be informed when new pets arrive and have an opportunity to screen them. You can determine whether to let violent animals that pose a hazard or what safety precautions to take by keeping an eye out for them.


Dogs’ capacity to defend their owners is one of the reasons they are our best buddies. Particularly at night, trained canines can swiftly identify trespassers or visitors with ulterior intents. Being intelligent, they can easily pick up on and decipher body language and sounds. They can use the ability to analyse a scene and identify when their owners are at risk or if something is wrong. As a result, allowing tenants to have pets will ensure the safety of both your home and the tenants. Having dogs or other pets nearby can also aid in keeping harmful creatures out of the property. Cats, for example, will deter dangerous rodents from entering your building.

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