Why are Garden Rooms a Great Storage Space?

Why are Garden Rooms a Great Storage Space?



A modern garden room is like a blank canvas. You can do anything in it as long as your creativity, DIY skills, and budget allow for it. If you need to change the exterior part of the garden space, you can search for landscape companies near me and hire pros for the job. For now, let’s check out why garden rooms make great storage spaces.

The Details

1. Things that make garden rooms great storage spaces

Your home is a place that helps to keep your life in order and make sense of the world around you. It simply doesn’t allow for wacky ideas and excess storage options if there’s a major conflict with the interior design. A garden room doesn’t have such restrictions. Here you can push boundaries as much as you want and transform them any way you like.

Adding a garden room storage space allows you to have room for everything. You can choose cubed storage across the wall along with handcrafted cabinetry or other types of storage furniture to keep your home and your garden room clutter-free. Moreover, since garden rooms aren’t too big, adding storage space requires careful planning to minimize impractical and unused space in the garden room. That’s why you can choose and place furniture that comfortably hugs the space instead of dominating it like in your living room.

2. Secondary reasons to add storage space in garden rooms

If you’re trying to turn your garden room into a garden office, you need to choose office storage furniture to make the space less cluttered and more productive. If you live in a cold climate, garden rooms provide you with a climate-controlled space. That means it’s just perfect for storing your seasonal clothes. It’s also spare real estate for storing seasonal items like wicker furniture, outdoor cushions, and small garden accessories.

Adding storage space here makes perfect sense. Adding storage space in your garden room also helps when you’re trying to divide the room into two connected areas. For instance, one section can be for your wood carving hobby while the other may be for socializing. Both would require dedicated storage options for serving different purposes. With that out of the way, let’s check out how you can add storage space to your garden room.

3. Use vertical space

When you think about garden rooms, it’s easy to get discouraged by the limited floor space. You may focus on the footprint of the garden room and if your backyard isn’t big enough, the room is probably small. However, you don’t need to ignore all that precious vertical space. Use the full height of the garden room to optimize the use of space.

You can opt for floor-to-ceiling storage solutions with drawers and matte black cabinets for your business ventures. If you plan to use the socializing section of your garden room as a platform for showing off your action figure collection, you can do so with transparent cabinets and showcases that reach up to the ceiling. The same holds for storing tools for your hobby. The core principle is to use all the space from the floor to the ceiling.

4. Divide the space

Garden rooms are small in most suburban homes due to the rising cost of real estate. However, if you have a large property and the luxury of having a fairly large garden room, you can partition it into different types of usable spaces. You can add an interior wall to create two distinct rooms that serve different purposes.

One of them may be used for storing musical instruments for your band while the other may be used as a storage and dedicated listening room for your prized vinyl collection. Even if you have a small backyard, you can sacrifice a significant portion of the resource-hogging grass lawn and turn it into a hybrid garden room with an attached patio. The possibilities are unimaginable until your creativity is restricted.

5. Add open shelving

If you’re trying to create a garden office space that looks great and productive without being hidden away, you can introduce open shelves. Open shelves with a warm wood tone go well with the interior decor theme of most garden rooms. To keep the design cohesive, make sure to match the interior beading with the color of the shelving. Open shelving also allows easy access and manages to boost your productivity since you don’t waste time searching for items or opening doors.

6. Don’t leave out any corners

You can afford to waste the corners in the rooms of your home. They are large, and spacious, and placing a potted plant or a lamp there may make the room more vibrant. However, you don’t have that luxury with a garden room. You need to make sure to use the corners wisely to get more mileage out of your garden room. For instance, you can use a corner desk on one corner, a square-shaped storage cabinet on the other, and floating shelves on the other two corners.

7. Invest in storage furniture

Apart from designing good storage options for the garden room, you can get more out of it by buying modular storage furniture. Furniture that doubles as a storage space can help you save ample amounts of space. For instance, if you make a gym section in your garden room and are planning on buying a workout bench, choose one that can store your dumbbells and kettlebells in it. You can also invest in collapsible or modular furniture that takes minimal storage space when not in use.


Garden rooms are amazing in many ways. You can turn them into a hobby room, a gym, a garden office, or add a lot of storage to them. All that blank space is perfect for extra storage. You’ll also need to change the landscape surrounding the garden room to make things more seamless. For that, you can search for “landscape companies near me” and hire pros for the job.

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