Which Is the Best Colour Combination for Home by Asian Paints

Which Is the Best Colour Combination for Home by Asian Paints


We all know that one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to paint your walls. Asian Paints understands how important wall paint colours are in transforming the mood of your space. Asian Paints has an impressive range of home interior colours which are sure to leave you spellbound.

Have you decided to not go the traditional route and instead use more than two colours in every room during the painting work? Overwhelmed with the plethora of colour combinations available at Asian Paints?

Lucky for you, we have decided to make your life easy and do the research for you. Here is a carefully curated list of 4colour combinations which will make your abode scream elegance.

Royal Satin & Delicate Pink

Looking for a royal colour combination in the Asian Paints colour catalogue for your bedroom walls? Royal Satin & Delicate Pink are the colours you need to introduce to your bedroom.

While Royal Satin is a deep purple hue which instantly adds a sense of intimacy to your bedroom, delicate pink is a gorgeous light pink hue which brings the element of fun and playfulness into your bedroom.

This colour combination is perfect for people who have a bold and colourful home interior. People with mid-century modern, bohemian, tropical and contemporary house styles can consider trying this hue for their abode.

Rich Tan & Peach Malibu 

Peach Malibu is a light peachy colour which will instantly make your room radiate positive energy. On the other hand, Rich Tan is a deep and earthy burnt orange hue which makes a place feel warm and cosy.

 If you have a bohemian-themed house which has a warm neutral colour scheme, then this is a perfect colour combination for you. The best thing about this colour combination is that it is so versatile that you can almost use it for any room- from your living room, dining room, or bedroom to your kitchen and your powder room.

A pro interior design for home tip is to add a touch of green through indoor plants if you use this colour combination as it will further elevate the aesthetics of your room.

Dark Kaapi-N & White Butter 

Here is yet another earthy and rustic colour combination from the Asian Paints colour catalogue for people who have bohemian, tropical and vintage-style houses. While Dark Kaapi-N is an intense deep merlot colour, White Butter is a pale white hue that compliments the bold and moody Dark Kaapi-N.

This colour combination can be used for your living room, bedroom and dining room. Since both the hues are muted, you can add pops of colours to your home décor during the painting work through your linens, rugs, flowers and furniture.

We would recommend using hemp, jute and bamboo in your décor pieces to further emphasise the earthy and rustic look you are going for.

Teal Dusk-N & Virgin Lace

Are you a nature lover who is on the hunt for a perfect green hue which will transform your home into your oasis? Teal Dusk-N is a perfect choice for you from the Asian Paints colour catalogue as it is a gorgeous light emerald hue which has a hint of aquatic tones in it.

On the other hand, Virgin Lace is a pale white hue which provides a perfect contrasting colour to pair with the Teal Dusk-N. People who want a colour combination for their home that is tranquil, timeless and Zen must without hesitating opt for this colour combination. You can use this colour combination for your study room, bedroom, living room and powder room.

So, which of these colour combinations speaks to your soul? Looking for more interior design for home inspiration for your new home?

 Head over to the Asian Paints website to get your hands on high-quality interior paints which will transform your home.