What Are the Pros and Cons of A Stackable Washer And Dryer?

What Are the Pros and Cons of A Stackable Washer And Dryer?


Most buyers will often consider a stackable washer and dryer when looking for laundry options. Even those with plenty of space, there are factors that they need to consider, such as the desired features, energy efficiency and laundry needs. These appliances are expensive; hence you need to look for those that can last. However, if you live in a townhouse, condo or small apartment, you need an appliance that will fit well. When looking for a stable washer and dryer, you must ensure the washing machine stacking kit can absorb the vibrations from your units. This article will explore the pros and cons of a stackable washer and dryer.


1. Efficient Cleaning

You don’t need much water and energy when using the stackable machine. Instead, the front-loading unit will mix the detergents with a minimum amount without altering the cleaning performance. You must use highly efficient detergents, as the stackable appliance cannot hold the suds produced by regular detergents.

2. Incredible for Small Spaces

One of the reasons most homeowners choose the stackable washer and dryer is that they can be set in small spaces. You will not need to use extra square feet to fit them. Even when you buy the units separately, and they have stacking capabilities, you can fit them in small areas. The average stackable washer and dryer range from 23-28 inches wide, 74-76 inches high and 27-32 inches deep. For most appliances, the width will be 27 inches on average. A stackable unit is ideal if you want to save more storage or have no designated laundry room.

3. Easy To Remove Clothes

With the stackable washer and dryer, you don’t have to bend down to access your clothes and see what’s happening. This is because the washer is at the bottom while the dryer is at the top, making it easy to remove dry clothes. Additionally, you can create stand-up folding shelving to give your back a break.


4. Small Capacity

The stackable washer and dryer have a smaller capacity than the other washing machines. A standard washing machine can have a drum that is 4 cubic feet, while the compact stackable machine has 2.5 square feet.

However, there are stackable washers that have a larger capacity, but that means you have to pay more for them. Moreso, it will consume more space than you intended.

5. They are Expensive

Compatible units are small but often expensive. A smaller unit can cost $750 to $2400 without including the dryer. However, considering other factors such as space and energy can be worth the investment for homeowners. Furthermore, you can shop from different vendors, compare the prices and quality, and get one that fits your budget.

End Note

If you have a small space or are unsure where to place a washing machine, buy the stackable washer and dry. This can help you with the overall energy bill, and the work is quite efficient. However, purchase a high-quality stackable unit from a reputable lender to avoid repairs and buy another unit. Don’t forget to incorporate maintenance strategies to increase the lifespan of your machine.