Unveiling the Summer Pest Invasion: 5 Key Factors Behind Increased Pest Activity

Unveiling the Summer Pest Invasion: 5 Key Factors Behind Increased Pest Activity


During the summer, people eagerly anticipate engaging in outdoor activities like sports events, beach visits, and family vacations. However, summer also brings some disadvantages. You might observe more pests around your property during this time.

How Rising Temperatures Influence Pest Behaviours

Insects cannot make their own body heat. They are dependent on the temperature around them for their growth, development, and behaviour. This is because they are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperature matches the temperature of their environment.

During Cold Weather

When it gets colder, insects have their ways of coping with the temperature change. They might move to warmer areas, find a safe place to sleep through the cold or seek shelter to stay warm.

Some insects bury themselves in the ground, while others might come to our homes for warmth. Many insects become slow and not very active in cold weather. For example, grasshoppers can’t jump after a cold night because they become stiff until the sun warms them up again. Similarly, some flying insects cannot fly because their wings cannot move quickly enough when cold.

During Hot Weather

In most places, except for the tropics, insects reproduce more in warmer months. This is why you see more bugs when the temperature rises.

Insects’ bodies become more active, meaning they need to eat more to stay alive. As such, bugs might come into our homes to look for food. You might also notice more insect damage in your garden during warmer months. They are just trying to find a tasty snack to survive.

The Role of Moisture in Pest Survival and Migration

Water is essential for all living things, including pests. During the summer, pests thrive because they can find moisture easily in the form of warm water vapour. The humidity in the air provides an ideal condition for pests to stay active, reproduce, and find food. Thus, summer’s warm and moist conditions make it a suitable season for pests to thrive.

Abundant Vegetation and Pest Population Growth

During the summer, food becomes more abundant for all creatures, including pests. This means you might notice cockroaches, lizards, ants, spiders, rats, and termites around your home. The lush green grass and food availability attract more pests to your area.

In the summer, the food chain also impacts the increased pest activity. For example, Snakes will have a food source if there are more rats. Similarly, spiders capture flies, which are more plentiful in the summer, on their webs and feed on them, creating a cycle where pests rely on each other for survival.

Summer is a time when humans tend to stock up on food, leading to more opportunities for pests to infest our pantries and storage areas.

Seasonal Influence on Pest Reproduction and Activity

During the summer, you may spend a lot of time outside or go on vacation. Unfortunately, pests like fleas, rodents, mosquitoes, and bed bugs take advantage of this and can invade your home while you are away. These pests are attracted to increased human activity.

There is also a higher chance of unintentionally collecting and bringing these pests to your property without realising it.

Extended Sunlight and Enhanced Pest-feeding Patterns

The daytime is longer than the nights in summer, which means there is more sunlight outside for a longer time. This extended daylight gives pests more time to search for food. This is why you see more pests during the summer season, especially during the day.

They can be annoying to humans and may even bite. Since many people also spend significant time outside during the summer, there is a high chance of unknowingly bringing pests (like fleas and ticks) home with you after being outdoors.


You can take several steps to control pests, like drain flies and mosquitoes. These include regularly mowing your lawn, frequently emptying the trash, keeping your house clean, and engaging pest control services. For more information, visit Avalon Services to learn how to prevent pests during the summer.

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