Types of Carport Roofs

Types of Carport Roofs


There is no doubt that carports are becoming a much more popular feature throughout the country. Given the wide range of custom carports being designed, we find that people are opting for a carport structure as opposed to a garage. There are a number of additional reasons for this of course, such as the lower cost, the ease of construction and the fact that there is no need for planning permission in most cases — which of course there is for a garage.

In terms of building carports, Melbourne has a range of approaches that you will see on people’s properties, and notably the choice of roof differs greatly. There are a couple of choices when selecting a roof for your carport, and here are the most commonly chosen options.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is of course quite self-explanatory and is very much a no-nonsense roof option which is preferred on more basically-designed carports. There are some drawbacks when it comes to a flat roof of course, such as the risk of debris falling and staying on the roof, as well as poor flow of precipitation. If weather isn’t a worry however and you want a very basic stricture, a flat roof could be a great option.

Gable Roof

A gable roof is the most popular option for roofing for a carport. Gable carports feature a pyramid roof design which is designed first and foremost to offer protection and could water flow, as well as offering a stylish and attractive option. Many like to mimic the roof of their property when building a carport, which is why they will often choose a gable roof, for the consistency it brings.

Dutch Gable Roof

A Dutch gable roof is very similar to a gable roof, yet it does bring with it a lot more style and an extra touch of class. The Dutch gable uses a hip roof which then has a smaller gable on the top of it. Again these can be used to mirror the design of the home, and to add a really attractive feature onto the carport. This roof again offers great protection from the elements and is often much taller than any other roof option, making the carport really stand out.

Skillion Roof

The best way to describe skillion carports is that they offer a flat roof with a little design twist. These are almost always individually designed, as they feature a variety of slopes and clean lines. Often these roofs are used as lean-to options when the carport is built next to the main property. With this being said however the rood option is perfectly adequate for use on a standalone carport, and offer a real sense of style and fun design.

These are the most common choices for custom carports, when you are designing or thinking about what kind of carport you wish to build, make sure that you pay attention to what kind of roof you want to add. The roof is really what delivers the style when it comes to the design of your carport.