Packing and Coordinating Your Move: Tips from the Pros

Packing and Coordinating Your Move: Tips from the Pros


Relocating to a new house can be both exhausting and exciting. Whether you want to move across the country or town, the process of packing and coordinating your move can be arduous.

Fortunately, experts have suggested the best tips that can help you pack and coordinate your move. Some of these tips include the following:

1. Have a Checklist

A checklist for a move might seem tiring, but it really works. Typing or writing your checklist can help you commit the whole process to memory to save time. Some of the things you may include in your checklist are:

  • Any item or task you want to remember to do
  • Ordering packing materials
  • Contacting several utility providers to schedule their shut-off services

2. Hire a Professional Mover

It shouldn’t be surprising that movers, like AAA Moving & Storage Co, are familiar with the tricks and tips for making moves easier. However, before you hire any moving company, decide what services you, as well as your family, need.

If you need help with packing and moving, hire a mover that offers those services. And if you need a storage solution for some of your stuff, then you need a mover with storage units.

3. Pack Items by Room and Label Them

Concentrate on one room at a time and avoid mixing things from various rooms. In order to avoid miniature knickknacks as well as small items being mistakenly thrown out or lost with packing paper, consider wrapping them in bright-colored tissue paper or label every item.

You may as well color-code boxes using stickers of one color for every room. Assign colors to all rooms and stick with them.

Clearly mark moving boxes as per their destination rooms, box content, and conditions. Marking boxes as fragile is also vital if you are working with movers.

4. Keep all the Essentials with You

A day to your move, tuck daily essentials, including paperwork, medications, toys, toothbrushes, and some clothes, into a bag or suitcase to keep with you in your car, plane, or truck cab. If a mishap strikes and a moving truck takes a wrong turn, you will at least have all the essentials you need.

5. Consider Purging Unnecessary Things

Doing away with the items you don’t need before your relocation will save you hassle, time, and money. Using relocation as a chance to declutter your house is thoughtful. Here are several tips that can guide you in this:

  • Responsibly dispose of items – If your home has items that you can’t give away, donate, or sell, consider disposing of them responsibly. Look for a hazardous recycling center or waste facility.
  • Donate or sell items – If your house has things in pristine condition that you don’t need anymore, donate them to charity or sell them online.
  • Do away with duplicates – If you have a lot of things that have a similar purpose, only keep those that you use the most and do away with the rest.

To Wrap-Up

Like many undertakings, the best way to go about your move is to take every project and break it down into manageable, small tasks. Planning the move, packing, and budgeting for the process will also come in handy to minimize the chaos that comes with such stressful