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If you have decided to get into student housing real estate investment, you need the right experts to guide you. Currently, many private property owners with buildings and apartments near a college or university are getting into student housing real estate investments for two reasons- first, it generates a high stable income. Secondly, this form of real estate investment is immune to economic downturns and recession unlike its peers like traditional rentals between the landlord and tenant.

Nelson Partners – Meet experts in the field of student housing

Nelson Partners is an esteemed name in student housing real estate development and its property management. This company was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, and it specializes in the development, acquisition, and management of quality student housing assets that have been built with a purpose.

They are known for performing high-level, consistent due diligence on each property they are involved with. They have more than 1,200 investors in all of their 1031 exchange programs. The company strives to offer exceptional service to its customers in the USA, and their experienced team of experts is devoted to the personal care of all their clients. The headquarters of the company is based in San Clemente in California.

The team of experts here believes that both student housing and multi-family properties have the high potential to provide a number of advantages to investors. They include stable performance, cash flow every month, compatibility with inflation, tax efficiency via depreciation, and value appreciation anchored by their brick-and-mortar assets based on the growing employment site or how stable the historical significance of the university is.

An insight into their fund strategy for student housing and multi-family housing projects

The goal of this company is to invest in both student housing and multi-family housing projects that are in good locations in different stages of the development owned by Sun Pacific Properties and Nelson Partners Student Housing-that are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nelson Partners LLC. This fund has the goal to offer high-quarterly income consistently with the potential to participate in gains that are earned from its profit on the refinancing or sale of the projects of this fund.

The capital stack includes-

  • Investor equity.
  • Preferred equity.
  • Senior debt.

Targeted benefits cover-

  • An attractive income every quarter.
  • The preferred position for equity in the capital stack.
  • An average 5-year maturity that is based on the estimated date of termination.
  • Diversified property portfolio by strategy and type.

Reasons to invest with the company-

The following are the top reasons for individuals and businesses to invest with Nelson Partners:

  • The constant demand for student housing.
  • Properties are immune to the recession.
  • Universities anchor a stable income.
  • Potential for the new development of properties.
  • Opportunity for renovation with experts.
  • Class -A Acquisition Strategy by the company.

When it comes to investment for multi-family properties, there is a high demand for them with job portability. This field of real estate investment offers a diversification of lease and scalability in the market. Moreover, individuals can borrow at low rates and enjoy potential tax benefits in the long run.





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