Making The Most of Small Storage Spaces For A Beautiful Simple Home

Making The Most of Small Storage Spaces For A Beautiful Simple Home


Space is probably an issue to all of you living in an urban community, in a university dorm, or simply renting an apartment while saving up for your own home. However, being able to make the most out of your small storage space will make your life great despite living in a limited space.

Here are some tips you can try out if you find yourself living in a small space.

1.   Pick Bright Colours and Paint Fun Wall Colours

Small spaces can become cluttered if you don’t think about the layout. Bright colours usually look warmer than dark colours in small rooms, so they will help the room feel both more extensive and brighter. The lighter colour will prevent the ceiling from looking like it is caving in on you when you stand in the centre of the room.

If your bathroom is a small room, it can get pretty boring sometimes. Hence, it’s essential to pick fun wall colours that would add some grit to the room. A small bathroom is hard to work with, but good choices in paint, tiles, and lighting can make a huge difference. Consider keeping the colours light and bright; you can choose white tiles which are not only bright but easy to keep clean.

Not only does this keep your toddler focused, but it also makes for more exciting wall colour, leaving plenty of room for adding personality with wall decor and other things on the wall.

2.   Utilize More Of Vertical Storage Space

You may often disregard the vertical kind of storage because it offers less floor area. Still, if you utilize your vertical storage space correctly, it offers greater capacity than horizontal storage space.  So why not give it more attention?

Small spaces are every bit as beautiful as large ones, but they’re harder to decorate. One of the main challenges is less room for arranging furniture, more sovast pieces of furniture like dressers and armoires. To deal with these space limitations, you have to start considering height storage solutions.

The most obvious way to utilize vertical storage space is to place a shelf above a bed or a desk. A corkboard or magnetic board would be ideal for the wall behind a desk. Another good use of vertical storage space is to install tension rods on the back of a door and use it as a hanging rod.

3.   Hang Clothes and Other Things On Open Wall Space

Hang clothes on open wall space, not in the closet. That’s the first lesson for making the most of small storage space. You can hang heavy coats and suit jackets on towel racks, but don’t use up all the hook-space with shoes unless they’re too good to throw or give them away. Make it easy to store your outdoor wear with a custom made coat and shoe rack

Hang your clothes on the wall instead of folding them. If you hang your clothes up, it will take less space than if you fold them up and also, the room will looktidier. Further, if you’ve several brooms, you can prop them up on open walls instead of dropping them on the floor.

4.   Be Creative With Furniture Choice and Placement

Spending your time with the right mix of furniture makes your home feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. Without the ideal furniture pieces, your space may be too large or too small. However, once you have chosen the perfect pieces, you can improve the looks of your living area andsignificantly increase how you feel in it.

Look for furniture that will be functional, practical and serve your purpose to the maximum. You can consider using quality footstools instead of an enormous table in your lounge if you’ve limited space. With the right approach, you can utilize every corner of the living area available to you.

5.   Be Choosy About What To Keep

When you are working with limited storage space, there’s no room for complacency. You can’t just keep everything and sort it out later. You have to decide what to keep and what to throw away as you go. The secret to organizing stuff in tiny homes is to get rid of the stuff you don’t use, thus creating a lot of extra space.


The key to making the most of small storage space is to know how to take advantage of everything you have. That means learning to maximize, condense and take advantage of all available spaces. It also involves being creative in your choice of furniture, colours and organizing your spaces, and everything may appear more prominent.