How to Use Your Carport for Storage

How to Use Your Carport for Storage


Identifying different storage options can be great for a homeowner with numerous items. You don’t have to be a hoarder to have more things than you usually use. However, when you find out that these items are essential despite the low frequency of use, you may want extra storage to store them away and only reach for them whenever needed.

Unfortunately, not many homes have extra storage lying around waiting for new items to fill them in. When you find yourself in a situation where all your storage sheds are full, and you have no extra room indoors, then you should look at the possibility of converting your carport into a storage unit as well. The suggestions below will come in handy. Just make sure to do this creatively and affordably.

Install Shelves

Whether you intend to convert the entire carport into a storage facility or only use part of it and leave the rest for the car, you may first want to enclose it if it is open. Once done, consider installing shelves that can improve storage space for the items and tools you want to store away in this area. Vertical shelving is an excellent idea since it conserves the available space and helps you utilize them in full.

Install Racks for Bikes

If you have a bike that only comes out whenever you go on those occasional hikes, then having a bike storage rack in your carport storage section is a great idea. You can also have similar shelves to store away your boats and other large equipment that comes out only once in a while. You can consider this an extension of your garage only to store items you hardly use.

Use Large Stackable Bins

Containers are great when storing items for the long term. Think about those items you no longer use or those you only need once or twice a year. Put such items in labeled storage bins and have them stacked safely in a corner somewhere in the enclosed carport. These will remain safely stored away until such a time you are in need.

Moreover, stacking the containers means that you do not have to worry about them taking up too much space, which frees up space for something else. It is a practical way to utilize vertical space and still leave room for other items, including your car.

Have Hooks on the Carport’s Wall

Take one section of your ARROW carport and have a few hooks installed. These will come in handy when hanging items that need to be hung in place, such as gardening tools that you rarely need but is still essential for that occasional use. All the extra tools from your storage shed can also come here as long as you will not need to use them frequently. You can make the carport storage the extra storage space for items that need some long-term or permanent storage to avoid coming in and out of the carport frequently as the backyard storage shed.

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