How To Select The Best Dining Table For The Dining Room

How To Select The Best Dining Table For The Dining Room


All the important discussions of a family happen at a dining table! It is the star space of a dining room. A dining table is highly functional with its versatility and styles. From size to shape, the Wakefit dining table helps a person design his personal space to dine effectively. The forms are the key feature of a dining table, and they may be round, oval, square and rectangle. It enhances the concept of the room and provides more transitional space for everything else. Finding the right dining table adds aesthetics and a focal point to the entire dining room. But the real question is how to narrow down the right one? The wants and needs are the ones that are the primary aspects of selecting a dining table.

Wants And Needs to Dine

The dining table is also considered a gathering space in many families during most celebrations and busy days. So more than just a place to sit, dine and accentuate the interior look, there are other factors to be addressed before opting for a dining table.

Area and Space

The area in square feet of the room where one will place the dining table is the first step to be measured. After installing the dining table in the allotted space, it should allow enough room for people to walk and get in and out of their seats. If the kitchen is open, its dimensions also have to be taken into account. While placing the dining table in any dining room, one should take care that the edge of the furniture has at least three feet distance from the wall. This will offer enough clearance to use extra space.

Type of Material

The material of the table gives comfort no matter how regularly it is used. The best materials will offer both warmth and comfort, like a wooden table. The colour choices of wood are mahogany, oak, teak and walnut shades. Wood can be either painted or lacquered, and, in this case, one can clean it easily with a damp cloth. But it is suggested to avoid furniture polish as it leaves a residue with time.

On the contrary, concrete, bamboo and marble are durable, and they also do not compromise on style and trend. In today’s era, sleek and modern materials like glass and MDF are also used widely. Still, they are all a bit of higher maintenance when compared to wood and other discussed material options. Glass tops work well with almost all the decors and add a brighter interior as they are reflective. They are easy to clean but tends to break and chip off easily. MDF is also user-friendly that requires less effort to handle and maintain. Granite and quartz table tops are another elegant option that suits all contemporary styles. Again, these can also be easily cleaned when lacquered.

Style of the Table

The style may vary from traditional to modern and also depend on the purpose of usage. For example, is it going to be a formal dining room or an everyday-use kind of table? The formal one requires a more classic touch, which speaks loud for itself and sets a bar of style. In comparison, the simple table can be the one with low maintenance paired with perfect chairs to create a reflection of one’s lifestyle.


The type of usage is the one that decides on the kind of dining tableOnline that has to be purchased. If the table is going to be used consistently, then one must install a sturdy table made of durable materials. But on the contrary, if the table is less frequently used, one can consider investing in a patterned veneer top with more decorative finishes. For outdoor use, plastic, rattan or stellar are the best choices. If the person and family regularly move from one place to another, they must consider lightweight and portable medium-sized dining tables.

Size of the Right Dining Table


The most common shape is the rectangle shape that can accommodate a large number of people at the same time. The linear form of this particular table also allows ample space for people to walk around. The ideal size of rectangular tables is 36″ to 42″ across. When there is not sufficient space, the chairs will work out tight on the available area. In such a scenario, one can practice a simple hack. It uses a table on one side of the table that can be pushed beneath to create more space.


Square shaped dining tables are best for a room that is also square. It is ideal for a family with four people or less. But when more guests are expected, a table with side extensions are a great option to consider. Combining two tables of the same height is another easy option to create more space. This small size table develops intimacy as it places everyone close to each other and makes conversations easy.


Round dining tables are best for small gatherings and look good in any shaped room as they give a casual feel. Another unique trait of this table is that it allows everyone to see each other. But if the diameter of a round table is massive, it becomes it will keep people far away from each other. The round table also can have extensions enabling expansion.


Oval dining tables are similar to rectangular dining tables except that they are rounded in their corners, creating an illusion to occupy less space. However, the curves create intimacy and flexibility. This kind of table works best in a small room that requires several seating capacities.

Times are changing and people like to create and experiment with different forms and shapes of dining tables. Triangular dining tables are the latest innovation in the furniture industry that can accommodate six people depending on their placement and dimension. Adding a dash of exclusivity in the dining room by mixing and matching all the seating options and the dining table will also create the perfect look.