How to choose the material for your interior doors?

How to choose the material for your interior doors?


 Are you leading a construction or renovation project? You will therefore have to make a multitude of decisions. For now, it is a question of choosing the material of the interior doors. Responding to both an aesthetic idea and technical needs, the doors placed inside must be the subject of a wise choice. Take advantage of Ootravaux’s advice on finding the right products.

The key criteria for choosing the material for interior doors

You buy a house, and the interior isoplane doors (flat on both sides) that equip it are naturally neither up to date, nor very efficient in terms of insulation. Regardless of the type of opening (sliding door, swing door or pivot door), you will therefore have to define which interior door material to use.

It is recommended to focus on several criteria. As mentioned, the aesthetic aspect is a key element. PVC (polyvinyl chloride), wood, aluminum, glass or mixed, each to his own among these different types of materials! It is also necessary that the whole is harmonious. Installing PVC doors on a beautiful house with a stone wall will not look the best.

The insulation capacities of the interior door must also be considered. If the importance of this criterion is not obvious, it is better to invest in doors that have good thermal insulation . Indeed, you do not heat the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom in the same way. To avoid heat loss in your house, it is therefore better to use insulated doors. Sound insulation is another criterion to take into account, especially if your children like to listen to their music at a somewhat unreasonable volume for example.

Your interior doors must also have a practical aspect (direction of opening, solid door for more discretion, glass door to let light through, etc.), otherwise your quality of daily life will be affected. They also need to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Finally, the budget will obviously be an important criterion. The price of solid wood doors, for example, can skyrocket the cost of your renovation, or home improvement work.

The wooden interior door

Classic, timeless and of reliable quality, the wooden door is one of the most popular materials to furnish your home or apartment. In addition to its good performance in terms of insulation, the wooden door has the advantage of not requiring any particular maintenance. Depending on the type of interior door chosen, you will have to paint or varnish it, and repeat the operation after a few years depending on your use.

Fir or oak, isoplane or post-formed (made from agglomerated materials and wood fibers then covered with a layer of PVC or plywood), you will find interior doors in wood of various species and qualities , with also very variable prices . Flat or molded, you can choose your wooden joinery from a particularly wide range of products.

All you need to know about the price of an interior wooden door

Aluminum interior door

With aluminum, you make the choice of style and design . They will be very appreciated in a contemporary style space. While aluminum doors are light, they are not very insulating , and are therefore not the ideal solution for bedroom and office doors. If, despite everything, you want to fully equip your property with metal doors, choose double-walled aluminum, which better meets insulation requirements.

The interior glass door

Previously devoted to office or doctor’s office doors, glass panels have also become very trendy and designer for the home. It must be said that a glass door by nature brings greater brightness , which can be very useful in a small space with 4 walls without windows. Especially since glass doors are available in various versions, with more or less transparent materials. Big drawbacks of the glass door compared to its competitors: the higher price, and more regular maintenance.

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Comparison of materials: which interior doors to choose?

The synthesis of the advantages and disadvantages of interior door materials through a comparison table (1) can help you better choose your interior doors:

not suitable for all rooms

To benefit from the combined advantages of the different materials, it is possible to choose a combination door . With a mixed aluminum / wood door , you benefit, for example, from the resistance of aluminum to bad weather for the exterior face if it is an entrance door, and from the charm and authenticity of wood for the inner side.

More generally, composite doors have the advantages of offering excellent performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, and great longevity .

Infinitely customizable, mixed aluminum / wood, aluminum / glass, etc. on the other hand, prove to be significantly more expensive to purchase than a model made from a single material.