How many types of commercial mats does your business need?

How many types of commercial mats does your business need?


American companies are losing out in terms of company safety. An insurance company published alarming statistics in a 2012 report.

Accidents involving slips and falls have caused losses of almost $13 billion. Another American insurance company reported that slips and falls in commercial spaces are most common due to poorly maintained floor surfaces. It appears that American businesses need to review their floormats and maintenance strategies.

Ultimate Mats has enough options in the matting market so that businesses can choose their safety mats to meet their needs. There are 50+ types of floor mats. Each one may be in any of the following matting categories:

  • Scraper mats

These mats will keep your floors clean, no matter if you have a small business, a home-based company or a large company.

  • Logo mats

These logo mats can be used as standard mats or enhanced with graphics. You can print any logo or brand message onto them.

  • Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats can be used to relieve fatigue in the lower extremities, and are often recommended for workers who spend a lot of time on their feet.

  • Anti-static mats

These mats are specifically designed to reduce static discharge risk and electrical shock. They are most commonly found in computer labs.

  • Comfort flow mats

These mats are an enhanced version of the anti-fatigue mats mentioned above. These mats provide additional support and comfort, while allowing liquids to pass easily through them.

  • Wiper mats

Wiper mats absorb moisture and can be used to wipe feet. For extra slip resistance, they can be ordered with a rubber or vinyl backing.

  • Cocoa mats

Vinyl backing is used to ensure that these mats stay in place. They are also eco-friendly and have a longer lifespan.

  • Recessed Mats

This mat is ideal for high traffic areas. The recess allows the mat to stay flush with the ground, which can reduce the risk of tripping.

  • Recessed tiles for carpet tiles

These tiles are very similar to the recessed mats. These recessed carpet tiles are modular, and can be glued together to create a tiled appearance. Carpet tiles offer a high level of protection against dirt, moisture, and other debris.

Because of their striking geometric design, many facilities choose recessed carpet tiles.

  • Drainage Mats

These mats are able to quickly channel all water towards the floor and keep the rubber walking surface completely dry. A few drainage mats are also available in anti-fatigue varieties to ensure that employees stay hydrated during work hours.

There are many mat service companies that can provide essential maintenance and cleaning support. These companies will come to you to clean and replace your mats. And also these companies provide you best commercial mats.