Hot Water Cylinder Replacement 101

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement 101


Many homes have hot water cylinders to meet their needs, providing a source of hot water for various outlets. If you own a large property and are struggling to meet your home’s demands, then installing a new hot water tank can be the solution.

Why Replace Hot Water Cylinders

An older hot water cylinder or one that has taken wear and tear may cost you money as it may not perform as it should. Bad designs, poor maintenance, and age are three major reasons for you to replace hot water cylinders.

You must get the full life expectancy of the hot water cylinder if a professional plumber maintains it. Save on the costs and improve the heat retention of your home through a hot water cylinder replacement done by an expert. The savings you make on the home heating bills will quickly offset the cost of replacing the hot water cylinder.

Signs for Hot Water Cylinder Issues

It isn’t easy to deal with problematic hot water systems. But distinct signs that show there is a problem with your system. Some of these signs include the following:

  • Discharge valves constantly running
  • Leaking cylinder
  • Hot water smells
  • Damaged cylinder
  • Banging or knocking noises from your cylinder

Cost and Types

You might be asking yourself what the cost of hot water cylinders is. The truth is that the cost relies on the type, size, and service provider of hot water cylinders. A hot water cylinder is a vital part of a heating system but it is unfortunate that the size doesn’t fit all. This is why you need to be familiar with different types of hot water cylinders. Some of the common types of hot water cylinders are:

1.   Unvented Cylinders

These types are popular as they don’t need pre-existing storage and are perfect for locations with tight space. They as well provide hot water at a high pressure, making showers more powerful.

2.  Copper Cylinders

These cylinders are perfect for residential properties and provide more efficiency in terms of heat retention and water heating.

3.   Vented Cylinders

These are also common systems as they are often fitted into properties with a pre-existing cold-water storage tank. Water is normally fed to hot water cylinders through gravity systems.

4.   Stainless Cylinders

A stainless steel cylinder costs less to replace or install. However, they are commonly known to be less effective than cylinders made of copper.

Factors Related to Replacement of Hot Water Cylinder

Other than type, type, and parts of hot water cylinders, there are other costs associated with replacing or installing. These include inspection and permits.

Getting permits and going through inspections are important for replacing a hot water cylinder. Codes for local buildings need permits to ensure replacement meets environmental and safety standards. To install a hot water cylinder, you will require a permit at the bare minimum. The permits’ costs range between $100 and $1,500.

The Bottom Line

Your requirements vary but be sure that a certified electrician and master plumber may provide everything you need. Whether you want to replace or install a hot water cylinder, experts will be there to help you every step of the way.