Five Most Common Types Of HVAC Service Repair Calls

Five Most Common Types Of HVAC Service Repair Calls


It’s finally springtime again, which means that countless homes across the country will be making the switch from their heating systems to air conditioning in April and May. It’s an exciting time of year in terms of weather, but for many households, it’s a time when hvac service repair calls are unfortunately needed.

A lot of people don’t realize that something is wrong with their AC system until it’s too late, and this is exactly why so many homes need to invest in seasonal checkup appointments to ensure that their HVAC systems are in good condition prior to summer heat waves.

We’ve partnered up with the HVAC experts at Beehive Heating & Air to develop this blog oriented around the five most common types of HVAC service repair calls, so here’s what homeowners are constantly going through this time of year:

Blown HVAC Fuses

HVAC fuses are typically found within the unit’s evaporator coil, and the purpose of these fuses is to protect your system’s working components. One of the first things an HVAC technician will check on a service call is the unit’s circuit breaker, because blown fuses just so happen to be one of the top reasons why HVAC systems malfunction and require professional attention.

Another symptom of blown fuses is HVAC overheating, and this of course is a very serious issue that requires professional attention. Once a system overheats, it can lead to compressor and motor problems. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to get your blown fuses checked out as quickly as possible!

HVAC System Leaks

There are many different types of HVAC system leaks, including refrigerant leaks and other leaks coming from the unit’s air ducts. No matter what type of leak your system is experiencing, it’s likely that the leak is going to cause inefficiency and even serious malfunctions.

There are some instances in which refrigerant leaks are unfixable and will require a system replacement, but this largely depends up on where the leak is coming from. Sealant leaks are also very common, but regardless of where your HVAC leaks are originating, they’re going to require professional attention.

HVAC Thermostat Repairs

Your HVAC system’s thermostat is a critical component for the unit’s overall functionality, mainly because it tells the unit when it’s supposed to turn on and initiate new cycles.

One of the first things you should check when you’re having thermostat issues is the thermostat’s battery. But if the battery seems to be working fine, then you’re likely experiencing a pretty serious issue that needs expert guidance.

Faulty Contactors

Your HVAC system’s contactors are found within the unit’s condenser fan motor, the compressor, and the blower motor. These contactors are very important because they create the necessary electrical connection to start up the system.

This means that faulty or malfunctioning contactors can lead to improper electrical currents within your unit, which can then cause the system to not start up properly.

This is another very common HVAC service repair call, and it’s necessary to have it checked out quickly due to subsequent malfunctioning.

Dirty/Clogged Filters & Systems

Dirty and clogged filters are another common cause for HVAC service calls, and these issues are important to address quickly because of restricted air flow and potential freeze-ups.

HVAC filters often get clogged up with all sorts of different debris, which is why it’s so crucial to regularly change out your filters. This is why it’s recommended to have your unit checked at least twice each year, and having your local HVAC specialists set you up with a routine maintenance plan will ensure the long-term integrity of your home’s system!

Contact The Beehive Heating & Air Team When You’re In Need Of An HVAC Service Appointment!

HVAC systems are crucial for every home, which is why homeowners need to take their HVAC maintenance and upkeep very seriously. No one wants to deal with inadvertent service calls and repair issues, and the best way to avoid these types of problems is to consistently have your local experts come to your home and check things out for you.

You can learn more about HVAC service calls by clicking on the hyperlink at the top of the page to the Beehive Heating & Air website. The Beehive HVAC experts will always be happy to answer your questions, and let you know what your home’s system may be currently experiencing!

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