Best Ways to Keep Your Fire Doors Working for Years

Best Ways to Keep Your Fire Doors Working for Years


Fire doors are essential to any building’s safety system, providing a vital barrier between you and potential flames. To ensure that your fire doors remain in good working order for years to come, it is vital to keep them properly maintained and tested regularly. Many go wrong regularly, and it’s not always easy to identify when they need repair or replacement. Following the steps outlined below can help you keep your fire doors in good working order.

Get the Installation Right

The fitting process is as necessary as the door when keeping your fire doors in working order. If you’re replacing an old door or fitting a new one, make sure that the installation is done by a professional following all safety requirements.

However, it’s not just about the installation. Have all the necessary components been provided? Are they good quality, and have all the correct fixtures been included? Does it meet the current regulations for fire doors in your area?

Hire professionals for the work, as this helps guarantee that the job is done correctly and with suitable materials. These service providers understand fire doors’ dynamics and set up a maintenance plan to keep your property safe. The best Capital Fire Door installers take the dimensions and specifications of the building into account. It ensures that the correct fire door is selected for the job. If need be, the professionals will also assist with any necessary modifications.

Regular Inspections

Being active with evaluating your fire doors is the best way to ensure they are in good working order. Consult with a professional regularly to inspect your fire door and its components, such as the door frame, closers, hinges, and seals. Make sure that these components of your Capital Fire Doors are tightly secured and visually clear of any defects or deterioration. If you notice any issues, have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Developing a schedule for the inspection work can give you that consistency in doing these checks.

It’s also important to regularly test your fire doors to ensure they function correctly. Open and close the door several times to check that the hinges are still in good shape and that the door closes correctly. If you notice any problems, don’t hesitate to call a professional immediately.

Factor-In the Weather and Conditions

The weather elements can significantly affect the performance of these fire exit points, so it’s essential to factor these in when you inspect them. Extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and dust accumulation can all damage fire doors over time.

Check for any signs of rust or warping due to extreme temperature changes or water damage. Also, keep an eye out for any cracks or other signs of wear and tear that the elements may have caused. Have any worn or damaged components replaced as soon as possible to ensure the best performance from your fire doors.

By following these tips, you can keep your Capital Fire Doors in good working order for years to come. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensuring that your fire doors do their job correctly and protect you from potential fires. If you notice any issues or concerns about your fire door’s performance, contact a professional immediately for assistance.