5 Misconceptions about Aircon Gas Top-Up

5 Misconceptions about Aircon Gas Top-Up


Without refrigerant gas, air conditioning systems would simply circulate hot air. Therefore, to guarantee that the air conditioner remains in pristine condition, it is necessary to replenish the refrigerant periodically and over time.

Most air conditioning specialists refer to the procedure of gas replenishing as air conditioning gas topping. Technicians recommend completing it once a year because maintenance is so important for preserving the overall efficiency of an air conditioner.

This essay will clarify the myths and misconceptions around aircon gas top-up frequency.

#1 Aircon gas top-ups are not required.

Some believe that because air conditioning units employ a closed-loop system, the initial air conditioning gas will never need to be refilled. If you are unfamiliar with a closed loop system, it is a control system in which the output is sent back into the system as an input to create different outputs. It is a circular process that requires minimal external effort.

Some of the metal used to construct your air conditioning unit may deteriorate over time owing to the development of formic acid within the device. This erosion results in the formation of tiny pores that enable refrigerant gas to escape.

If you disregard air conditioning maintenance, these holes will simply become larger, and eventually, no coolant will be left to keep your home cool. Instead, you will be left with an air conditioner that blasts the same hot air you seek to escape.

#2 Aircon gas top-up is not part of routine maintenance.

This myth partly evolved because some individuals may not comprehend what routine air conditioning maintenance requires. But this was before the Internet Age. Because a fast Internet search will reveal what other firms offer, most air conditioning check-up providers know what a standard service involves nowadays.

Due to the architecture of air conditioners, one of the first things a trained technician performs is refilling the refrigerant. Initially, the technician will inspect the unit to ensure that there are no leaks. This is accomplished by cleansing the system before refilling the petrol supply. In other words, air conditioning 101!

#3 It’s simple to do.

Contrary to common assumptions, air conditioning maintenance is not a simple DIY undertaking. Although some individuals with mechanical expertise and understanding may have the least concept of what they’re doing, a professional expert must verify that all safety criteria are satisfied. In addition, there is a limit to how much maintenance an unskilled individual can perform before the entire process loses its attractiveness and parts begin to disappear!

Air conditioners are composed of many components. For instance, the filter is quite accessible. Therefore it is technically possible for anybody to clean it. Once the air conditioner has been detached, you may clean it with a hoover cleaner and soapy water.

#4 Not doing aircon gas topping is not expensive.

You’re familiar with the idea that ostriches bury their heads in the sand hoping their difficulties will disappear. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with air conditioning. Failing to replenish the refrigerant in your air conditioner may cause you and your budget more trouble.

#5 It may be achieved without professional assistance.

If you have nothing to do, attempting to maintain your air conditioner on your own may sound appealing because it will cost you nothing. Nevertheless, without the right precautions, doing it yourself might escalate into an even higher expense.

Consider your safety. If your air conditioner is located in an accident-prone region, it may be prudent to seek professional advice. Not only will they be equipped with the proper gear to reach these regions safely, but they are also well-trained to handle scenarios involving various risk factors.

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