4 Tips To Help You Decorate Your Home Using A Blue Persian Rug

4 Tips To Help You Decorate Your Home Using A Blue Persian Rug


There’s a lot to love about the idea of decorating your home using something as beautiful as a brand new blue Persian rug, but of course you’re going to need to keep your room’s décor in mind if you truly want to make the most out of these interior design investments.

The good news is that we’ve teamed up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to support us in making this list of 4 tips oriented around decorating with a blue Persian rug throughout your home, so take it from the pros in that these are the types of tips that you should keep in mind while you’re in the process of developing a harmonious ambience throughout your specified residential space!

1. Is Your New Persian Rug Going To Be The Focal Point Of Your Room?

If you are in fact hoping to have your new blue Persian rug be the focal point of your room, then it’ll be absolutely important that you design everything else around your new area rug. This type of décor tip doesn’t have much to do with the overall size of your new area rug, but it does have a lot to do with the placement and overall layout of the room’s furniture and other appliances.

If you want your new Persian rug to be more of a complement for your overall room design, then it may be best to choose an overall layout and ambience that’s more blending as opposed to pronounced.

2. Consider What Will Be Within The Room’s Focus

This is a very important interior design tip if you are trying to decorate your living room with a new Persian rug, and if your room is completely unfurnished then you’re in a great position to purchase a stunning new area rug of any size and then go from there!

You’ll also want to keep things like your room’s drapes, furniture and plentiful accessories in mind as you’re attempting to blend in your design motifs that are connected to your rug’s patterns and colors.

If your space is already fully furnished, then you should keep existing styles and colors in mind as you’re choosing your next area rug.

3. Using Multiple Rugs Within Your Living Room

It’s not too uncommon for a really massive area rug to appear impersonal within a living room, and one good solution for this unfortunate scenario is to implement layered area rugs within a space so that one large rug doesn’t completely overpower a room’s décor.

This is a good decorating strategy when you just so happen to have a really big living room, because multiple rugs will make the entire space appear to be much cozier. The trick with using multiple living room rugs is to carefully examine your room and consider how each square foot is being utilized. If anything stands out to you during these observations, you should then focus on these portions of your room by considering how a new area rug may enhance these spaces without seeming overpowering.

4. Be Picky About Your Colors & Patterns

One good décor tip to keep in mind is simply looking for different patterns that are within the same color family. Combining rugs and furniture with different colors and patterns can actually end up developing a sense of cohesionthat looks fantastic.

You should also be picky when it comes to clashing colors within different designs and patterns. There’s an interesting look when you have multiple patterns of contrasting colors within one cohesive space, and combining all sorts of classic patterns together when decorating with Persian rugs truly can be a great option!

Reach Out To The Persian Rug Experts At Rug Source To Learn More!

If you’re in the process of trying to decorate your home with a new Persian rug, then you should get as much expert help as you can. Although it may seem like you got this type of home décor covered, you won’t know what all of your options are until you speak with people who help rug shoppers like yourself for a living.

You can learn more about decorating with Persian rugs by speaking directly with the Rug Source team via the link to their homepage at the top of the blog!