30 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas

30 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas


To many people, the bedroom is the heart of the home. It’s the room that helps you relax after your day’s activities. That’s why you’ll want a bedroom that induces peace and calmness. To achieve this, most people prefer purple colors for their beauty and tranquility.

Here are 30 stunning purple bedroom ideas.

1. Purple accent wall

Purple ideas make your room more exciting because they’re rich and beautiful. A purple accent wall will blend well with different seasons; hence you won’t have to change.

2. Light purple walls and smooth finishing

Purple room ideas are complete when paired with pink-related colors. Such colors give your room a calming, exciting, and motivating atmosphere.

3. Upscale purple bedroom design.

The idea makes your bedroom look luxurious without your room being too abrasive with the purple color. You’ll use metallic color accents with silver and gold and wall décor.

4. Purple bedroom posters

Purple posters add both a touch of color and personality to your bedroom.

5. Bohemian-style sleep room.

You must ensure a balance in your color theme without over-splashing the color. Therefore, use the exact amounts that will give a sleek bedroom design.

6. Creative pillows

Using purple pillows will add vibrant to your room and make it lively. Depending on your taste, you can shift your tones from light to dark purple walls.

7. Teenage girl room idea.

You can use the purple color in your beddings, pillows, curtains, or home accessories.

8. A lighter shade of purple theme

A light purple shade creates a sense of intimacy instead of dark, creating a sense of mystery.

9. Brighter purple colors

With neon lights, your room will feel like a dream hallucination due to the purple glow.

10. Mix purple lights with a purple accent wall

Use purple lights in couple with purple bedroom walls.

11. Futuristic purple bedroom design

Use technology that lights up your bedroom with purple colors.

12. A hint of purple-themed bedroom

Use patches of purple theme when designing your room

13. Full-on purple accessories and walls

Coordinate your bedroom furniture color with wall tones to ensure balance.

14. Lilac, Violent and lavender color schemed design.

The designs give you’re your bedroom an excellent purple color.

15. Dark purple bedroom design

Dark shades create a mystery and are considered romantic in purple bedroom ideas.

16. Soft carpets and painted walls.

A blend of purple paint and wallpaper makes your room more open and airy.

17. High ceiling bedroom design

To have a complete purple bedroom, decorate your walls with lighter or darker shades than your bedroom.

18. White color blocking design.

Purple relates wells with magenta and lavender color shades. Therefore be sure to choose the best color to splash to give better variation to your style.

19. Fun, peaceful space.

When buying your bed covers, choose one with breathable fabric and a shade of purple.

20. Subtle touches with different shades and color schemes.

Use different shades but let purple be noticeable.

21. Full feature purple bedroom

A full feature purple bedroom feels whole and lively.

22. Themed bedding set

For a soothing purple color effect, use light lavender or richer purple shades for a lovely feeling.

23. Stylish bedroom and complimentary art.

Style the bedroom with purple complimentary arts and accessories.

24.Elegant style and bedding

S tyle your bedroom elegantly with purple bedding.

25. Purple bed covers

Use purple bedcovers that leave your room with a serene atmosphere.

26. Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom designs will incorporate purple themes

27. Light purple bedroom design

The light purple color makes your bedroom more welcoming.

28. Purple pops and light violet color feature the wall.

Use accessories such as floor lamps, purple rugs, and purple curtains.

29. Light curtains.

Please don’t use the too dark curtain as they’ll block the purple effect.

30. Bold bedding set

Use a bold purple bedding set.


To have an inviting and beautiful bedroom, you must use purple colors. That pink color makes your room feel more relaxing and comfortable for naps. To achieve the purple color effect, apply the above ideas.

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